Our staff believes in every single woman that shares their story and their works with Black Fem Futurist. We strive to provide the best platform for them to showcase their vision of the future through varying concepts. Black Fem Futurist supports women who are becoming the building blocks of our future with their brands. There is no better place than right here and right now! 

Yvette Kendall

Founder & CEO

Yvette Kendall is an Innovator of multiple products, product conceptions and processes. As well as a noted Speaker and Advocate for Women of Color in the field of Innovation and Intellectual Property Ownership.

Mahari M.

Social Media Research

Mahari M. has a love and immense talent for discovering rare and important unique finds via Social Media. Her patience and fortitude in research, expands the globe to provide Black Fem Futurist with the best content ever!

Kensey Carter

Innovation Researcher

Kensey Carter has an eye for S.T.E.A.M and she can't find it...then it's not ready for the Patent Office yet! She has her ear to the ground with High Schools and Colleges alike. She doesn't stop there, anywhere innovation can be found, then Kensey is not far behind.

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